After a very successful 20-year career at Eastman Kodak Company, Frank Wong left Kodak at the end of 1996 to start ARCHIVE Technologies. The venture was the perfect next step for Frank, merging over 35 years of personal and professional experience into an exciting new post-corporate life.

A “picture-perfect” opportunity, many said, as Frank had served as the Western Regional Sales Manager, spearheading Kodak’s efforts to establish new markets and applications in the new world of professional digital imaging. Coupled with a background as a professional photographer; as a very successful sales and marketing professional while at Kodak; as a college level photography instructor prior to Kodak; and fueled with a passion for the creative and business opportunities that digital technology offered, this was clearly the next big thing!  

Based in Southern California, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, ARCHIVE Technologies has established itself as the leading producer and provider of creative on-site digital imaging and photo promotional events. The company has produced creative marketing, branding, and promotional events for some of the most prominent names from a wide variety of industries (see client list for examples). The company is a sought after digital imaging consultant and service provider to PR Agencies, corporations, special event organizers, planners, and major trade show creative designers.  

ARCHIVE Technologies has built its reputation upon superior performance and an aggressive and uncompromising attention to client satisfaction. Each project, no matter its size, is characterized by over-the-top creativity, image quality, and excitement, and is accountable for tangible results for the client. Clients enthusiastically serve as the best advertisement for the company’s skill in this area.  

Pictures and images speak volumes about a company, a product, an idea, or a brand. Great pictures say great things about a company, a product, an idea, or a brand! That’s what we do………………….your image is our business



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